L is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

The beach is on my doorstep so it is hard to ignore or resist a visit especially in the summer months, but I will sit by the beach in all weathers, I think it is my spiritual home.

No matter where I go each day I either pass the seafront on my travels or see it from my bedroom window, the sight of the sea has always calmed my soul.  So this week L is for Linger, taking time out of my day occasionally to linger over a cup of tea or coffee at the cafe on the seafront.

Linger - to stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave......

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K is for ... The Alphabet Photo Project

Kindness - being friendly, generous and considerate with affection, warmth, gentleness, tenderness, concern and care.

So the dictionary says and this picture taken around 18 months or so ago really sums kindness up.

Miss CCL, like the rest of us, loves our dog.  When she arrived he was in full health, when she came home, he had a good sniff then ran around like a mad thing, someone else to play with him!

About 18 months later he became diabetic and started to lose his sight, she instinctively gave him a helping hand to find his way around the house and still does, they make a good team.   I love the way they are together and cannot think of the day not too far away when we will have to say farewell to him......

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J is for ... The Alphabet Photo Project

It's birthday party week here and that means jelly!  As a child I loved going to and having my own birthday parties, they were a more simpler affair back then, jelly, ice-cream, party games, hats and cake!

Which is exactly what we had today, everyone had a brilliant time, the highlight for me was watching the 4 year old revellers dancing and laughing in the sunshine, another great memory locked into my memory banks.

J is for Jelly and a Jolly good time today!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl and extra birthday wishes to Prince George who shares her birthday!

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Happy Birthday Prince George and my girl

Wildflower Meadow - How does your Garden grow

Months ago this was just a very large patch of dusty,brown earth, 2 old bowling greens.  I remember pelting around it to get to a medical appointment across the road from it, that was then, this is now...

the most glorious sight, a field of wildflowers in the city.  I looked around and saw everyone mesmerised and so very relaxed either photographing it or just sitting on one of the benches around it.

and so importantly, a  habitat for the bees and butterflies.

Close-ups of some of the inhabitants of the wildflower meadow, there are cornflowers in blue and deep pink, so many different colours of poppies as well as golden Californian Poppies and so much more to see as well as the meadow we will go back again and again this summer.

my girl in the meadow, fascinated to follow a butterfly, but still screaming beeee mummeeee when I've reassured her time and again that they won't hurt her, all they want is to gather the nectar and be left in peace to do so.  She was a star as usual though, my girl.


I is for ....The Alphabet Photo Project

I is for Impromptu.

We love picnics in the summer, the best ones are when we get up and decide that morning that we shall have a picnic today!  I open the fridge and cupboards and pull together some food and drink, gather up a blanket, napkins and tablecloth and stuff ourselves into the car and off we go!

Today was a perfect day for an impromptu picnic by the local pond, it was warm and peaceful there, such a glorious weekend of great weather.  We ate, we drank, we fed the ducks, laid on the rug for a while and watched the wisps of clouds float by, bliss...

impromptu done without being planned or rehearsed 

Then it was up and off to the beach for coffee and ice-cream at Uncle Eric's seafront cafe, so I guess you could also call that I for Inevitable as we always gravitate towards the beach living so close to it now, we never tire of seeing this...

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My Sunday Photo

This was taken yesterday in the glorious July sunshine at Preston Park in Brighton.  A wonderful carpet of wildflowers has been sown there (more in another post this week), this is just a small part of it, breathtaking and restful in equal doses.


H is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

hello:  həˈləʊ,hɛ-/  - a greeting

I love this happy little badge from a lovely selection from Fritha at Tiger Lilly Quinn.

When the little girl was learning to talk she started with Hi! I realised then just how much I said it, so I switched to Hello, I had forgotten what little copycats toddlers can be!

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