H is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

hello:  həˈləʊ,hɛ-/  - a greeting

I love this happy little badge from a lovely selection from Fritha at Tiger Lilly Quinn.

When the little girl was learning to talk she started with Hi! I realised then just how much I said it, so I switched to Hello, I had forgotten what little copycats toddlers can be!

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  1. The best "H". I can imagine people are more likely to say hello, when you wear the badge. Nice choice. #CountryKids

  2. Oh this is great, Fritha has so many beautiful things on her site. Toddlers just copy everything don't they! POD is 3.5 now but always hears what we say - shame she doesn't always listen! Thanks for joining in lovely #alphabetphoto