Look what I've found!

Peeking up into our loft recently (where I rarely venture) I found 7 pieces of old furniture that will be getting a makeover.  These were out of sight and out of mind and probably destined not to be used again (you know the scenario, stick it in the loft until we decide what to do with it) but I now find I want to try to renovate, paint and upcycle where I can.  I really can't wait to get started!

Everything is a little dirty and very dusty (they've all been up there for years!) but a little wash down with sugar soap should do the trick.

Here are some ...

I nursed my first child in this chair (with plenty of cushions!) in the early 90's, couldn't part with it so in the loft it went.

My husband had this plant stand and the cupboard and table below when I met him, he used to like a rummage in "antique" shops, they also found their way up to the loft over time.

These items of pine furniture, chest of drawers and 2 bedside cabinets were long forgotten and are a little worse for wear.

There is also a beautiful table still up in the loft that is very rickety but with a little attention, it will be a great piece and a pine headboard and bed are also being painted and upcycled.

These should keep me busy on and off over the summer!

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I've started popped seeds into containers and pots again, it's that time of year.  I've got some Cayenne Pepper seedlings nicely growing and potted on into bigger pots, I have high hopes for them but I always do at this stage!

I love growing from seed, there is something so magical about watching a tiny seed burst out from it's shell and force its way up toward the light, new life.

In my recycled plastic egg boxes, I've put basil, oregano, thyme, carrots, sage, tomatoes and beetroot, just a few of each. The egg box acts as a makeshift greenhouse when left on a warm windowsill.  The basil is up and some beetroot and one solitary Sage seedling.  I've sown in stages to give me time to plant on.

Last year we got a lot of beetroot and a glut of tomatoes which is never a bad thing here, some found their way into my homemade tomato and chilli chutney so hoping for another glut this year!

And some tomato plants I made earlier, I'm going to try and measure the yield I get from 4 tomato seeds, these are cherry tomatoes. This was last week and now they are this high!  Time to pot on and give them a taste of the outdoors on our sunny front porch.

A couple of Sunflowers have shoved their way through, they are such strong seedlings compared to some. I'm really hankering after visiting the sunflower fields in France and photographing them but until then I'll grow my own with the little one who I know will love watching them grow as much as I do.

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Photo Friday - A Glimpse of the Week

Craig and Rose Paints

Have you seen these??  I stumbled upon them recently in B&Q, Craig and Rose Chalky emulsion paint in authentic period colours.

They have some gorgeous colours and I'm looking forward to trying more of my preferences, like Pale Chalk Blue, Pewter, Nickel, Violet Slate and Zinc when they are back in stock.  The packaging is so eye-catching too, cool little tins and re-useable jars instead of the plastic pots that seem to dry out.

B&Q have a 3 for 2 on at the moment on all paints which has meant I have been able to try out more of the Craig and Rose colours.  I made up some paint swatches with some of them, my current favourite being Morris Blue, I find it easier to test colours this way rather than rely on the colour on a chart especially if they are only available online where the colours can vary.

With quite a few furniture pieces to paint now after peeking in the loft, having forgotten what we'd put up there plus a few more pieces around the house that were leaving us, now I want to paint them all!! Who knows they may all get a second chance.

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The Photo Gallery - A Photo I'm Proud Of

The Photo Gallery: The theme is A Photo I’m Proud Of.

I have thousands, yes thousands of photo's taken over decades that I am enormously proud of, whether they are technically photographically correct is another matter.  But it doesn't matter of course, we all take the photo's of our loved ones and these days most everything!

I'm most proud of the camera I was using at the time, that captured the scene perfectly to my mind's eye.

How to choose, there are so many I loved taking....

This photo captures a grey, stormy day down on the coast where we live and the starkness of the burnt out Pier, still standing ....

but as I have posted that one before, I thought I'd add my favourite macro photo of an exotic poppy that turned up in my garden one summer, I saved the seeds and hope to replicate them once more as they didn't appear the next year.....  

I love the intricacy of everything especially flowers through the macro lens, so detailed, so very beautiful.
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Pre-loved Crocks

I love crystal, glass and crockery, until a few years ago I only bought new, but having found a few gorgeous teacups and saucers in charity shops and jumble sales, I just can't help adding to my collection!

I don't know about you, but I'm always transported back to the lady of the house who pre-owned them, were they her Sunday best, I think so because they are all so immaculate, no chips or cracks and no dishwashers back then so lovingly washed in hot, soapy water by hand.

Looking at the underside markings on both designs there was the Colclough stamp.  The Colclough china company was founded in 1890 by Herbert Joseph Colclough, who was an ex-Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent.  You can read more about the history here.

Both these designs are from the early 1960's as well as these fruity designs below from Royal Vale.  I just love the shape of the tea-cups from back then.

I bought these at an event, where a lady was selling tea-cups with candles that she had made, I loved the cups but not keen on the candles so will probably ease them out, I don't want to risk damaging the cups if I burn the candles!

What am I going to do with my growing collection??  They will live in my photo props cupboard for now, I can think of dozen uses for them already for vintage tea party set-ups in photo shoots.

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