My Sunday Photo - Peonies

Finally my Peonies have exploded into bloom!  These photos are completely unedited and just as I snapped them yesterday.  Peonies are so intricate and the colour depth is just gorgeous.

These Peonies flower every year, they push their way up through the soil and beguile us with their crimson beauty, even when we had the garden raised and they had further to go to get to the surface, they still popped up, that's real determination.  We could all learn a lot from the strength of plants.


My Sunday Photo

I caught this cheeky seagull sitting on the No Fishing sign in our local pond, the pond is full of fish, not sure if the seagull can read!


Dandelions Galore - My Sunday Photo

Every year one of my small lawns is a carpet of Dandelions.  We leave them be, one for the sheer pleasure of seeing their beautiful golden flowers and two for their ability to turn their flowers into fluffy pom-poms seemingly overnight for Miss CCL to blow their seeds and watch them fly into the distance and of course some that end up back on the lawn!

But most importantly, we leave them on the lawn for the bees, the Dandelion flowers are the first Spring food for them and we need our bees!  I also drink Dandelion tea from time to time, their leaves are medicinal and their roots can be roasted and ground into Dandelion "coffee".

So rather than pulling them up or using chemicals to eradicate them, leave them, enjoy them, think of them not as a weed, but more of a medicinal powerhouse.

And don't forget to close your eyes and make a wish...


Blossom on the Trees - My Sunday Photo

It's that time of year again, the blossom is on the trees and what a fantastic welcome sight it is.  We have 2 Cherry trees and 4 Apple trees in our garden and this year looks like a bumper crop may be coming.  I say may because some years if the weather does not play nice the wind and rain can knock off the blooms before they are pollinated and we get little or nothing!

And some years we get so much produce we have to beg friends, family and sometimes complete strangers to take some Apples, please!

The Cherries on the other hand, we have no choice but to share with the birds, they get the top ones which I can't reach even with a ladder but the bottom boughs are mine!

How beautiful are these blossoms, the carpet of falling petals are worth clearing up with what comes after, glorious apples and cherries to eat!

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