C is for.... The Alphabet Photo Project

This week on the Alphabet Photo Project it's C for clouds.

I'm celebrating the amazing cloud formations we see here.  We have miles of ever-changing, uninterrupted skies that can really cheer you up with their beauty.

I can sometimes see shapes in the clouds, usually when I can't whip my camera out and as clouds move so very fast I just enjoy the moment.

This one reminds me of Puff the Magic Dragon and then there is the message from above sending kisses.

I was hoping to take some fresh photo's this week but the weather isn't playing nice and the sky has had a blanket of greyish white fleecy fluff totally covering it.

So here are a couple I made earlier, but I'm determined to capture some of the real stunners, watch this space!

For a list of cloud formations and their descriptions take a look here, I had no idea there were quite so many!

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The Rocking Chair

When I got the rocking chair down from the loft I didn't fully realise just what memories it would evoke.  The 3 year old immediately wanted to play on it and we sat on it together, gently rocking, her giggling at the motion, me being transported back in time, a smile at a distant memory.

It has taken me a while to complete, it needed washing (scrubbing!) thoroughly, lightly sanding, a coat of primer and 2 coats of Craig and Rose acrylic eggshell in Morris Blue which went on beautifully smoothly.  I had to do it in small stages as I didn't want "help" from mini me on this one, that girl loves to paint and I've lined up a couple of small projects just for her.

I added a pop of colour just for fun with some Habitat Hibiscus Pink, but I foresee changing up the colours of the spindles and even re-painting the whole chair again, the colour possibilities are endless, but for now it blends in beautifully into my new bedroom decor.  I'll be making up some new cushions especially for it too but for now I shall just sling whatever cushions I have and rock!

It wasn't the easiest of items to paint with all its nooks and crannies but I shall get hours of pleasure rocking and remembering another time and the baby boy who still has my heart.

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home
Upcycling furniture, preloved.

B is for ,,, The Alphabet Photo Project

It's the time of year when everything goes quite mad in the garden, suddenly there is a growth spurt and the grass is ten feet high and the flowers are all starting to bloom.  This year I left a couple of the lawns to do their thing - one has dandelions that I let flower and become a blanket of delicate, fluffy pom-poms that we blow till we are dizzy.  Dandelions aren't weeds, they are medicinal plants and the bees love them, leave them in your garden!

The rest of the garden is covered in beautiful, blue, Borage plants that are also covered in honey bees and the little girl is now so used to them, we can actually sit amongst them without her screeching beeeee and doing a very dramatic exit, so last year!

So after all that, B this week is for Buttercup, those bright, sunshine yellow flowers that also pop up on my lawns.  This one caught my eye, not quite perfect but so perfectly intricate.  I was pondering the other day why I never see a bee on a Buttercup, have a read here for some interesting facts on the matter.

B is also for Bokeh, a word I learnt recently, it's the blurry background I've been practising with my new camera, finally I'm regularly off Auto mode!

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A is for... The Alphabet Photo Project

Charly on Podcastdove has a new photography project starting today which I shall endeavour to join in with every week.

The Alphabet Photo Project looks great fun and should stretch my imagination over 26 weeks!

I have a love of macro photography, especially flowers with their stunning colours and intricate designs.  I love the way macro shows every detail, this is an old photo and not nearly macro enough for me now.

For this week, A is for Ant on Aquilegia.

Aquilegia comes from the Latin 'aquila' meaning eagle as the flowers can look like an eagle swooping.

But I like to think beautiful thoughts and to me  this looks like a collection of Doves, the symbol of love, peace and harmony  .....



This weekend I'm off home to London to attend the inaugural Blogtacular conference.  I've been to a few blogging events but this is my first non-parenting blogging conference and the Blogtacular content greatly appeals to me with the direction I would like to see this blog going.

Blogtacular is taking place at The Royal Institution of Great Britain.  The venue is steeped in history and is at the cutting edge of scientific innovation.  I hope I get a chance to look around or maybe a revisit is in order as the Blogtacular schedule is jammed packed with some very inspiring and talented speakers all of whom you can check out here.

I am looking forward to learning some useful tips on styling, creativity, design and most importantly photography, not to mention meeting up with bloggers who I have met online and can't wait to say hello to in the flesh!

And then there's the 2 Kat's who have done an amazing job at organising Blogtacular and they have 6 children between them too! no mean feat and I cannot wait to see them and all the fabulous sessions they have lined up for us.


Fun at Foodies Festival

We went to the Foodies Festival last year and enjoyed it immensely, this year I was lucky to win tickets in a competition held by lovely Lauren from Belle du Brighton.

The weather was just glorious here all this Bank holiday weekend, beautiful azure blue skies and wonderfully warm sunshine, let's hope when summer actually arrives, it will be more of this!

There were numerous live cooking demonstrations and masterclasses in the food and drink theatres on offer plus some fabulous entertainment. An amazing amount of stalls apart from all the food vendors, there were those selling cheeses, olives, condiments, wine, beer and ice-cream and much more - there was something for everyone!

I have to say it was a most relaxed day and with the delicious food we sampled plus a couple of Pimms and some beer respectively a very good bank holiday Sunday!