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Happy, Healthy Belated New Year!

I've been a little unwell since the new year, a combination of too many celebrations, too little sleep and running on adrenaline in the mad run up to Christmas and all that entailed with school functions and all their text missives that need immediate actioning!

When you have a small child you don't get the chance to rest and recouperate, just taking her to and picking her up from school in the cold and damp is enough to set you back.  A drenching (literally) or two were the last two straws this week.

I cannot wait for some Spring sunshine and lighter mornings, getting up before 7am when it is still pitch black is demoralising when you feel under par, but a huge bonus is seeing the sun rise over the sea view from our house.  I will get my camera out one of these mornings and capture it.

I rarely get unwell so this new year has had me slowing down and getting a lot of extra sleep along with a truckload of natural remedies and I think I should buy shares in those very popular throat lozenges!  Or maybe I've been made to sing Let It Go too many times!

So here's to getting a little less of this (and I know we have been fortunate so far this winter and missed the snow).......

and a bit more of this .....

And now I'm on the mend nearly half way through January, maybe I can put some of my goals for this year into place and start working on them!

Happy, Healthy Belated New Year to you all

Happy New Year
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