My Sunday Photo - Poppies

It has been a lovely surprise to see Poppy fields literally popping up locally in the last couple of weeks when I thought there would be none this year.  

Apparently because we had a milder Winter followed by a warm Spring, it has helped create the perfect conditions for Poppies.  And even more interesting, I saw on a weather report last week that Poppy seeds can live dormant in the soil for around 40 years and suddenly come to life if there is a disturbance in the earth which is why we are seeing so many unexpectedly flower randomly in fields! Who knew!

This is the first time I have seen Poppies from our bedroom window, that seagull seems determined to get into my photo's!

And this is one of the Poppies from the field, a rather exotic version of the ones in my garden.

Any Poppy fields sprouting near you??

My Sunday Photo

Fabulous lunch at Silo Brighton with Miele, loved watching all the professionals at work, from the chefs to the photographer and videographers.  You can learn a lot just by absorbing the atmosphere!

The theme of the lunch was Silo's ethos of zero waste, pop over to my food blog at Nutritious Deliciousness for the full scoop on sustainability and what the chefs prepared for us.


My Sunday Photo - Street Art

There is quite a bit of graffiti or street art around the town, very spectacular designs splashed over walls and sides of buildings, so colourful and brightening up spaces by very talented artists.

I expect everyone has their views on this type of art, but here it is part of the landscape.


My Sunday Photo

The bees are busy buzzing around the garden, the Borage seems to be their main attraction, it has certainly gone wild this year, Buttercups too but I never seem to see a bee on them.  I saw an article the other day that said bumble bees love scruffy gardens!  By that they mean letting wildflowers grow to attract them.  After our dog passed away recently I decided to leave the back garden do whatever it liked in his memory and it certainly has, Buttercups, Borage, Acquilegia, Forget-me-nots and many I have yet to identify have taken root and it is awash with colour and greenery.   We miss you little dog.