T is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

A few years ago I started collecting tea-cups and saucers, it wasn't something I decided to do, it just evolved once I found my first little set.

I now have some lovely examples of 1960's crockery, all in great condition.  I often wonder about the ladies who pre-owned these tea sets and feel a little sad that they have ended up in a jumble sale or charity shop and not passed on to future family generations.

We're huge fan of Tea here, I drink 4-6 mugs a day, ranging from builders to Earl Grey to herb teas.  I do love a spot of afternoon tea out too!

T is for Teacups - linking up with PODcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project

Collecting vintage tea cups 


S is for.... The Alphabet Photo Project

There was such a choice of subjects for the letter S this week, we have Spiders everywhere making webs in our garden, apparently it's the mating season for them, I have some macro photos of Seeds and some of Shells from the beach, then there are the ever present Seagulls here by the Sea where we live!

But S is for Stained glass window this week.

These beautiful windows from St. Margarets Church in Rottingdean represent the three archangels, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.  They were made by William Morris from the designs of the artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones.  The three east windows were erected in 1893 as a personal gift of the artist to commemorate the marriage of his daughter Margaret in the church.  

Linking up with PODcast for the Alphabet Photo Project.

Learning the Alphabet

R is for.... The Alphabet Photo Project

Very much looking forward to the day when we can take a dip at the local Lido again, it is one of the very few left in the country and plans are afoot to return it to its former splendor.

R is for Renovation - inside and out.

Linking up with PODcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project.


My Sunday Photo

This gorgeous Red Admiral butterfly fluttered around me and the girl as we sat in the Marina square in the sunshine this week whilst enjoying our ice-creams.  It taunted us every time we got close then fluttered away until it stayed  and let us get close to say hello and capture on my mobile.

One of the last butterflies of the summer, beautiful, delicate, intricate being, the girl was mesmerised and kept still (for once) and whispered "hello butterfly" and once it flew off into the sky she waved and jumped bidding it farewell until we could no longer see it.

It's the little things.


Q is for ... The Alphabet Photo Project

Amongst the many presents we received when Miss CCL was born was this lovely quilt, all pink with checks and dots and flowers and hearts, perfect, just like her.

It is enormous and once out of her crib graced her new cot nicely.  It has been washed and washed and washed again and again but still retains its colours.

I have a project planned to make a couple of memory quilts and I'm hoping they all get passed down to my grandchildren one day.

Q is for Quilt.  Linking up with PODcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project.

Quilt, Quilting, Making Quilts

So long Summer

Last summer was a summer to remember for me, I enjoyed every last drop of it with my then rising 3 year old girl.

This year has been no different, I seem to only be able to remember warm, sunny, fun filled days with her, days to remember, days to cherish now summer is ending and she will start school. I shall miss the freedom we have had to decide on the spur of the moment to do things we hadn't planned and her wonderful happy exuberance at everything I suggest, all an adventure for a just 4 year old.

We've had many days like this...

And a few like this ...

we've had some spectacular thunderstorms and lightning shows, all of which made for a typical English summer.

So long Summer, you've been amazing...

Summer 2014 sunshine beautiful days