S is for.... The Alphabet Photo Project

There was such a choice of subjects for the letter S this week, we have Spiders everywhere making webs in our garden, apparently it's the mating season for them, I have some macro photos of Seeds and some of Shells from the beach, then there are the ever present Seagulls here by the Sea where we live!

But S is for Stained glass window this week.

These beautiful windows from St. Margarets Church in Rottingdean represent the three archangels, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.  They were made by William Morris from the designs of the artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones.  The three east windows were erected in 1893 as a personal gift of the artist to commemorate the marriage of his daughter Margaret in the church.  

Linking up with PODcast for the Alphabet Photo Project.

Learning the Alphabet


  1. I'm quite glad you didn't photograph any spiders! Those windows are beautiful.

  2. These are stunning, I love stained glass windows, always so colourful and beautiful x #alphabetphoto

  3. They are wonderful, I adore stained glass windows and the stories within them #alphabetphoto

  4. What a beautiful photo. The window is lovely a work of art as well as an object of beauty. #alphabetphoto

  5. these are fab stained glass windows our local church has some really nice ones too tbh #alphabetproject