T is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

A few years ago I started collecting tea-cups and saucers, it wasn't something I decided to do, it just evolved once I found my first little set.

I now have some lovely examples of 1960's crockery, all in great condition.  I often wonder about the ladies who pre-owned these tea sets and feel a little sad that they have ended up in a jumble sale or charity shop and not passed on to future family generations.

We're huge fan of Tea here, I drink 4-6 mugs a day, ranging from builders to Earl Grey to herb teas.  I do love a spot of afternoon tea out too!

T is for Teacups - linking up with PODcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project

Collecting vintage tea cups 



  1. What a wonderful collection, if they could talk I bet they would have some stories to tell!

  2. So pretty all mixed up together, I love that style x

  3. Beautiful cups - you'll needs some of my t is for teabags then... :)

  4. They are beautiful. I think my mum has a set of the pink ones that used to be my grandmas and you are right it would be terribly sad to think of them ending up in a charity shop.