The Photo Gallery - A Photo I'm Proud Of

The Photo Gallery: The theme is A Photo I’m Proud Of.

I have thousands, yes thousands of photo's taken over decades that I am enormously proud of, whether they are technically photographically correct is another matter.  But it doesn't matter of course, we all take the photo's of our loved ones and these days most everything!

I'm most proud of the camera I was using at the time, that captured the scene perfectly to my mind's eye.

How to choose, there are so many I loved taking....

This photo captures a grey, stormy day down on the coast where we live and the starkness of the burnt out Pier, still standing ....

but as I have posted that one before, I thought I'd add my favourite macro photo of an exotic poppy that turned up in my garden one summer, I saved the seeds and hope to replicate them once more as they didn't appear the next year.....  

I love the intricacy of everything especially flowers through the macro lens, so detailed, so very beautiful.
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  1. I have just joined in too and have been playing with macro photography, now I want a macro lens too, I just love the possibilities it opens up.

  2. Wow these are really gorgeous - and two of my favourite things, the sea and poppies! x

  3. Love the first photo because it's so moody and atmospheric. The second photo is gorgeous too; I love it's colour xx