J is for ... The Alphabet Photo Project

It's birthday party week here and that means jelly!  As a child I loved going to and having my own birthday parties, they were a more simpler affair back then, jelly, ice-cream, party games, hats and cake!

Which is exactly what we had today, everyone had a brilliant time, the highlight for me was watching the 4 year old revellers dancing and laughing in the sunshine, another great memory locked into my memory banks.

J is for Jelly and a Jolly good time today!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl and extra birthday wishes to Prince George who shares her birthday!

Linking (very late, sorry Charly!) to Podcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project.

Happy Birthday Prince George and my girl

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  1. Happy birthday!!! Hope she had a wonderful day - great cake! Jelly is awesome too, we'll be having some at the weekend as we're doing a summer party for POD (her birthday is on Christmas Day). So glad you all had a great time. Thank you for joining in #alphabetphoto