U is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

Very simply this week is U for Undulating, to move with a smooth wave-like motion, to have a wavy form or outline.

I can never resist taking photos of the sea, I know I have thousands but it never gets tired for me.  I could sit and a look at a  scene like this every day, there is something so magical and soothing about the sounds and the motion of the sea.

Linking up with PODcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project

Sea scenes and beach life



  1. Water is always so mesmerizing, the same as watching the wind through fields of grass. What I find most unusual about water is looking at it from far, far above and it looks like blue skin, like the earth is covered in a blue skin. Bizarre! :) #alphabetphoto

  2. The sea is so calming and has so many different moods and faces. I love looking at it as well, no two moments are the same. Lovely photo.