Afternoon Tea: Julien Plumart's Boutique Et Salon De Thé

A lovely treat today, meeting up with a friend at Julien Plumart's Boutique Et Salon De Thé.  This paragraph from the website sums it up perfectly:

"Bestowing his signature creations, the Boutique is brimming with exotic colours and sumptuous flavour combinations that arouse the senses, open the eyes to beauty and launch you into Parisian heaven in just one bite. Here you will find his delectable 24 signature macarons. This is the place to relax and enjoy a moment of pleasure."

Parisian heaven indeed, the amazing choice of beautifully crafted patisserie and colourful macarons with gloriously flavoured fillings.  The wow factor hits you as soon as you enter the boutique with a counter filling the room with row upon row of delicious creations.

The coffee was excellent too (served with a side of water) and the staff attentive, polite and very accommodating.  I will definitely be back for an encore!

If you are heading to Brighton you can find Julien Plumart's Boutique Et Salon De Thé in Duke Street.

source:  Julien Plumart


  1. I am now so hungry. They all look wonderful and I wouldn't now what to choose

  2. Oh WOW! I don't think I've EVER been anywhere like that - or ever eaten cake like that!!!

  3. Oh, my goodness, this reminds me of the sweet shops in Thessaloniki, boutique shops in their own right! I am sure they tasted divine!