Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Gifts

Lolita Heart of Gold Glass £18.00 John Lewis
Ikea Stool £7.00
Harrods Chocolates £13.95
Jo Malone Candle £39.00
Petal Heart Frame £8.00 John Lewis
Bertie Jack 'Love Birds' - £45.00
Aveda Inner Light Moisturiser £24.50
ChloBo Scallop Heart Silver Bracelet £135.00

A selection of gifts for Valentine's Day that I would be more than happy to receive!  

The stool may seem a strange choice but it will be part of a future project.  I love this glass range too, so unique and how good would fizz look in them!

Skincare is always on my radar and Aveda is one of my all time favourites for skin and hair.

How cute are the lovebirds and who wouldn't love chocolates and a new bracelet.  I am a lover of picture frames and always have new photo's to fill them with but the candle has to be my favourite, love the lavender fragrance.


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