Home Office Inspiration

My bedroom is also doubles up as my home office at the moment, cramped is an understatement but it was supposed to be a temporary thing.   The room was originally a guest bedroom containing my desk and filing cabinets on one side of the room and a pullout couch-bed on the other, but with the revamping of the house the couch-bed was put into storage and our double bed squeezed in!

When the bedroom upstairs is finished I will be reinstating my guest bedroom/home office and have been looking at how to make some much needed changes.  As I work from home it needs to be functional and comfortable but I'd like to inject a bit more style into what is, at present, a very plain room.

These are some aspirational work spaces that I will be looking at for inspiration to simplify and tidy my work desk and address some much needed storage solutions.


Beautiful Homes & Designs

and for the little girl in my life, how sweet is this desk set up.





  1. I am not needing office inspiration, but I love those coastal colors! Especially like the wall paper in photo 3.