Front Door Renovation

Our poor old front door was always getting pushed back to the end of the queue in the house renovation stakes, but when the elements bashed it so much the inside porch area became flooded each time it rained it was time to take serious action before the winter set in.

The front door used to be set back into the porch area but we decided to have the front door at the front and remove the old storm doors.  This meant that there was large step up into the house so this new front door now opens outwards and some adjustments will be made to the inside "porch" area.

I'd seen a couple of modern, solid wood front doors around the area and decided to knock on a couple of them to ask where they had purchased theirs, then went straight to the source at North Road Timber & Joinery to have a look at their extensive range of doors.

These doors are custom-made for your house so can take a few weeks to prepare but well worth the wait.  Our door has had several coats of yacht varnish applied too to ward off the sea salt laden air.

The result is a fabulous new solid wood front door expertly fitted.  No more gale force draughts, no more paddling pool in the porch area!

Next stop, filling, finishing and house painting.


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  1. This looks great - we really need to replace our front door. It's crafty and often gets stuck. Just one of those jobs we never get around to (and so expensive to boot!)