Advent Calendars - Links I Love

As a child my mum would hand make my Advent calendars.  She was very inventive and I remember them all with fondness.  My favourite was 24 small boxes, handpainted and numbered then stuck to a Christmas tree shape with red ribbons.  Not unlike this one but with ribbons!  In each box was a chocolate or small gift, I remember being so excited each day to open a new box!  


A few more favourites:

A grown-up version!

{image source: LOFT Kids}

Love that this ladder Advent Calendar can be part of the decor
(minus the candles here though!)

{image from}


We love this hand-made felt stocking garland,
 ideal for younger children

{source:  Laura Windebank }


and not forgetting the doggie in your life, each day snip off a doggie bone,
then on Christmas Day the whole tree can be eaten!  
(by the dog of course)


and finally, how fab is this Angel inspired Advent calendar.
Love it!

{image source: Lisbeth}


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  1. I loved the number 2. I want the big presents ;)