F is for .... Alphabet Photo Project

I adore flowers.

Now the little person is a little older she is learning to appreciate their beauty rather than pulling their petals off!  This time last year I was trying to stop her from yanking the flowers in our garden from their stems and crushing them in those tiny fingers.

I love these Lilac Stocks, gorgeous blooms, sweetly fragrant flowers, they fill the room with their scent day after day, just lovely.

F is for Fragrant Flowers.

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Flower fragrance alphabet photo project

Flowers fragrance alphabet photo project

Fragrant Flowers


  1. Gorgeous photos, bet they smell lovely

  2. Gogeous! Sadly,, my littlest is still in the phase of pulling off the petals. She does pick them for me too, though, which is adorable!

  3. Gorgeous blooms - you know I love a good bloom! I can almost smell them too. POD went through a phase of pulling the petals off flowers although she's stopped now, unless we're making potions for fairies! Great photos, thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto (letter G is live from just after midnight until Tuesday) x