D is for.... The Alphabet Photo Project

Linking up with Podcastdove for The Alphabet Photo Project and this week D is for....






That scan photo takes me back to when we found out what flavour you were.  You still won't believe it's actually you!  You're growing up so fast, you've been tall for your age since you could walk, everyone's eyebrows used to shoot up in amazement when I would tell them what age you were.

You are a budding photographer, which I am delighted about, and will encourage you all the way.

Reception class at your new school is beckoning in September when you will barely be 4, you love pre-school and are a sociable little butterfly so we hope you will enjoy school too.


D is also for Daniel, my beautiful baby boy

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  1. This is so lovely. Good luck for starting school!! My daughter started school last September and has thrived :) #alphabetphoto

    1. good to hear, I think we will start part-time, although I think she would be fine, I think it's probably me that needs to be eased in! :)

  2. what an incredible scan photo - I am always amazed by that type of scan - amazing. I love your compilation of photos of your daughter too - beautiful x

  3. Gorgeous! You have such a beautiful daughter. I think you are so right in saying that you will need the easing in period! I always find myself counting down the days to the holidays.

  4. Delightful shots of a beautiful daughter! Now I'm thinking of the scans of my twins.

  5. Definitely Delightful, that's what I'm thinking after reading this beautiful note to your Daughter :) Loved the pictures!

  6. Gorgeous photos and little girl. So nice that she's into photography too.

  7. Wow what an amazing scan photo. Your daughter is beautiful. Lovely photos Popping over from www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk #LAB

  8. Ahh beautiful, I love that ours kids can look back in years to come over these declarations we make of love for them. Such great treasures. Mich x

  9. What a lovely set of photographs. Lovely too that your daughter is showing interest in photography too! A lovely skill to have so young x

  10. Ah just wonderful, what a fabulous post. Those 4D scans are just incredible aren't they, how amazing to have had that. Must be brilliant to look back on that and see how far your daughter has come. Great photos of her. Thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  11. wonderful collage and brilliant choice of subject #alphabetphoto x