So long Summer

Last summer was a summer to remember for me, I enjoyed every last drop of it with my then rising 3 year old girl.

This year has been no different, I seem to only be able to remember warm, sunny, fun filled days with her, days to remember, days to cherish now summer is ending and she will start school. I shall miss the freedom we have had to decide on the spur of the moment to do things we hadn't planned and her wonderful happy exuberance at everything I suggest, all an adventure for a just 4 year old.

We've had many days like this...

And a few like this ...

we've had some spectacular thunderstorms and lightning shows, all of which made for a typical English summer.

So long Summer, you've been amazing...

Summer 2014 sunshine beautiful days

P is for ... The Alphabet Photo Project

There are a few of these historic blue plaques dotted around the area, as there probably are in many other towns and cities.  I find it interesting to know who lived where and when and always stop to read them.

You can find out more about historic blue plaques on the English Heritage site.

P is for Plaque, linking up with PODcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project.

English Heritage Blue Plaques

O is for .... the Alphabet Photo Project

This is a beautiful silk handkerchief that my dad bought when he attended the Melbourne Games as a 20 year old spectator.  Please excuse the appalling quality of the photo, of course I searched high and low for the handkerchief and missed the link up, this snippet has been enlarged from another photo I had of it.

 Once I do finally locate it, I will rephotograph it.  It has most likely been put away safely away from tiny paws as it is quite delicate.

Even though I missed the link up to the Alphabet Photo Project, I'm posting because I didn't want to leave a gap in my alphabet!



N is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

Halfway through the Alphabet, this week it's N for Neon.  These fun coloured straws are loved by the girl who mulls over her choice of colour daily to dip in her milk.

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Great Bloggers Bake Off! #GBBO Bake Along

Last year I followed the Great British Bake Off (on another blog) and attempted a recipe a week for the entire series, it was quite a feat!  I made everything from cakes to breads and buns and biscuits.  This year I will be taking a break but can't resist joining in for a few of the programmes.

I do bake some things regularly like cakes and biscuits but I'm not a fervent cake decorator or builder of cake scenes!  I will leave those to the artistic bakers.

I make cookies, biscuits, crackers and healthy bars in some form every week, we like a go-to snack and whipping up a small batch of something home-made is an excellent way of knowing what is in them and usually so fast too. 

These Walnut & Sultana Cookies are a favourite here and never last more than a couple of days!

Walnut & Sultana Cookies
Makes 12-15
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Baking Time: 15 minutes

Pre-heat your oven to 180C/160C fan (I have a fan oven)

100g unsalted butter, cool and cubed
200g self-raising flour
70g soft brown sugar
100g walnuts, chopped
50g sultanas
1 medium egg, beaten

Rub the butter and flour together with your fingers until it resembles fine breadcrumbs (I love this bit!).
Stir in the sugar, walnuts and sultanas.
Stir in the beaten egg into the dry ingredients, then take small dollops of the mixture and shape into cookies and pop onto a greased and lined baking tray.
Bake for around 15 minutes or until lightly brown.  
Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

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My Sunday Photo/Silent Sunday


Seagull taking a stroll

M is for... The Alphabet Photo Project

I cannot tell you how much I adore Macro, especially with flowers, insects and plants!  There is something so magical about zooming in on a subject to find hidden treasures unseen by the naked eye.

I really need (want!) a macro lens but they are so pricey but I do have a set of macro filters for now which I am still practicing with.

M is for Marvellous Macro, linking up with PODcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project

I love Photography

L is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

The beach is on my doorstep so it is hard to ignore or resist a visit especially in the summer months, but I will sit by the beach in all weathers, I think it is my spiritual home.

No matter where I go each day I either pass the seafront on my travels or see it from my bedroom window, the sight of the sea has always calmed my soul.  So this week L is for Linger, taking time out of my day occasionally to linger over a cup of tea or coffee at the cafe on the seafront.

Linger - to stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave......

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K is for ... The Alphabet Photo Project

Kindness - being friendly, generous and considerate with affection, warmth, gentleness, tenderness, concern and care.

So the dictionary says and this picture taken around 18 months or so ago really sums kindness up.

Miss CCL, like the rest of us, loves our dog.  When she arrived he was in full health, when she came home, he had a good sniff then ran around like a mad thing, someone else to play with him!

About 18 months later he became diabetic and started to lose his sight, she instinctively gave him a helping hand to find his way around the house and still does, they make a good team.   I love the way they are together and cannot think of the day not too far away when we will have to say farewell to him......

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J is for ... The Alphabet Photo Project

It's birthday party week here and that means jelly!  As a child I loved going to and having my own birthday parties, they were a more simpler affair back then, jelly, ice-cream, party games, hats and cake!

Which is exactly what we had today, everyone had a brilliant time, the highlight for me was watching the 4 year old revellers dancing and laughing in the sunshine, another great memory locked into my memory banks.

J is for Jelly and a Jolly good time today!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl and extra birthday wishes to Prince George who shares her birthday!

Linking (very late, sorry Charly!) to Podcastdove for the Alphabet Photo Project.

Happy Birthday Prince George and my girl

Wildflower Meadow - How does your Garden grow

Months ago this was just a very large patch of dusty,brown earth, 2 old bowling greens.  I remember pelting around it to get to a medical appointment across the road from it, that was then, this is now...

the most glorious sight, a field of wildflowers in the city.  I looked around and saw everyone mesmerised and so very relaxed either photographing it or just sitting on one of the benches around it.

and so importantly, a  habitat for the bees and butterflies.

Close-ups of some of the inhabitants of the wildflower meadow, there are cornflowers in blue and deep pink, so many different colours of poppies as well as golden Californian Poppies and so much more to see as well as the meadow we will go back again and again this summer.

my girl in the meadow, fascinated to follow a butterfly, but still screaming beeee mummeeee when I've reassured her time and again that they won't hurt her, all they want is to gather the nectar and be left in peace to do so.  She was a star as usual though, my girl.



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