Upcycled IKEA Kid's Chairs - a makeover

We've had an IKEA children's table and chair set since Miss CCL was 2 (she's 3½  now) she loves it and I have to say it has served her well as a mini dining table, painting table, we've had pretend tea parties on it, she's played on top of it, made a tent underneath it and it has certainly stood up to all a toddler could (literally) throw at it! 

Source: Ikea

We now have 2 of these cute little sets and at £17.00 for the table and 2 chairs, they are good value.  Easy to put together, well, easy for himself to put together and very sturdy, they get top marks all round.

I thought the first set could do with a little makeover so I've taken a chair apart, chalk painted it and covered the seat with a piece of colourful plastic sheet that I had languishing in the newly named craft cupboard!

The first coat was blue, the second coat a pale bluey green, minimally distressed, waxed and buffed.

The result is a gorgeous new toddler chair that blends beautifully with her bedroom and mine (we love colour and mixing up colour schemes!) and she is thrilled with it, especially as she "helped" to paint it!

The other chair and table will also embrace the unusual colour and pattern combination, we have pink and will be colour mixing to see what we can come up with!

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  1. So cute...a brilliant makeover

  2. I love upcycling projects - this looks SO much better for a facelift. Well done

  3. What a brilliant idea - looks great! However I do remember these chair were really uncomfy with the recessed seat - I often consider trying to fit a padded seat on top?

    1. they're not too bad, but she does pinch a cushion to put on the seat come to think of it! I feel another project coming on :)

  4. They look great. Wish I could envisage things like this, and actually get round to doing it.

  5. I wish I had the creativity and skill to think about and do upcycling like this. The chairs look great

  6. Looks fab , so wish could do something like this . comments made from love all blogs club .x

  7. How gorgeous! Isn't IKEA great? And the chairs look so fab painted and covered! E x

  8. This looks great! And it's always brilliant to get the children involved from a young age ;)
    Thanks for linking up too #LoveYourHome

  9. So cute! Thank you for sharing at Redouxinteriors!

  10. Oh it is so cute I love it! (The Ana Mum Diary)

  11. Oh wow, love the look of these, so much better than the original ones! #BlogClub

  12. this is fantastic, I'm going to get my thinking cap on and see how I can make ours fit in a bit better.