DIY Chalk Paint - An Experiment - Part 1

I'm loving using chalk paint, it can be used on any surface with no prep needed beforehand, so no sanding or priming necessary!

Tootling around the internet for chalk paint suppliers I came across ways to make chalk paint. I have a box full of paint testers that were left over from choosing paint colours and some old tins of paint.  I used some to make props for my photography and now it seems I can make chalk paint with the leftovers!

The ingredients are quite simple, Plaster of Paris (bought from Hobbycraft), water, paint - I'm using Matt Emulsion plus a couple of plastic containers to mix it all up.

So this is where the experimenting starts!  I made up the smallest amount to paint a piece of wood to test it on.  The ratio as per the instructions on the packet of Plaster of Paris are 2 parts to 1 part water but like I said experimenting!

Into one of the plastic containers I put 3 tablespoons of Plaster of Paris and mixed with 2 tablespoons of warm water, making a well (like cake making) and gradually incorporating the fluid into the powder.  It should be a smooth, thickish consistency, adding more water if too stiff.  It looked a good consistency so decided to leave out the extra tablespoon of Plaster of Paris this time.

Into the second container added the paint (I used 3 different leftover paint colours), around 200ml then combined with the Plaster of Paris until smooth.

The result?

The paint went on well but compared to bought chalk paint it was thicker, maybe because the paint was old and paint does thicken with age.  It covered in 2 coats but although the finish was smooth, it wasn't as chalky as the bought version but a good finish none the less.  I think I probably needed fresher, thinner paint and that extra tablespoon of Plaster of Paris?  Definitely room for improvement and more experimenting with ratios!

I will keep on using the bought versions but this is a great way to use up all that leftover paint but also using freshly bought paint to create custom colours with that chalky paint effect.



  1. great colour, really like chalk paint too.

  2. Such a lovely colour. I love the idea of no sanding or prep before painting with this.
    I feel an experiment coming on soon

  3. I love that colour - and I never knew you could do this? Is it quite dusty - does it dust/flake off at all? #LABBlogCLub

  4. Love the end colour, great experiment with great results! #BlogClub

  5. ok that was very cool i love the effect and loved reading

  6. I'm not a great painter at all but I love this colour, plus it's great that you can reuse old paint. Will have to pin so ive got it for reference in future. #blogclub

  7. What a great idea, may have to try this with little man in the summer, thanks x


  8. I love the colour of this! Looks like a great way to have props for photography too.