C is for.... The Alphabet Photo Project

This week on the Alphabet Photo Project it's C for clouds.

I'm celebrating the amazing cloud formations we see here.  We have miles of ever-changing, uninterrupted skies that can really cheer you up with their beauty.

I can sometimes see shapes in the clouds, usually when I can't whip my camera out and as clouds move so very fast I just enjoy the moment.

This one reminds me of Puff the Magic Dragon and then there is the message from above sending kisses.

I was hoping to take some fresh photo's this week but the weather isn't playing nice and the sky has had a blanket of greyish white fleecy fluff totally covering it.

So here are a couple I made earlier, but I'm determined to capture some of the real stunners, watch this space!

For a list of cloud formations and their descriptions take a look here, I had no idea there were quite so many!

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  1. Lovely collection of cloud photographs! I have a few saved somewhere too. Love the one that looks like a bird or a plane :)

  2. Gorgeous - what is it about cloud-gazing that is so timeless and calming?? Great post xx #alphabetphoto

  3. What a superb collection, bet you have some absolute gems there! Always good to see the cotton wool like ones and those that look like animals! I bet evenings are rather special too. Lovely photos, thank you so much for sharing #alphabetphoto